Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & Visual Marketing consulting & training.

A successful online business doesn't happen by accident.

To successfully achieve your goals online  you must have a comprehensive strategy that integrates all your channels of communication.

  • Decide why you have an online presence; that is, know what goals you want to accomplish and craft a strategy to reach them. Here are some of the essentials.
  • Know your target audience, the keyword phrases that will bring them to your site, and what you want them to do when they arrive.
  • Know how to use all the tools and strategies available to you, your group, or your organization.

Description Of Services

Optimization & Marketing Strategy Development

  • With no standard strategy for success on the Web, where should one begin? What strategy would be best for your product or service? How do you know if a professional SEO company is recommending the right strategy for you?
  • Recommendations can include the best qualified SEO and marketing companies to meet your optimization and Internet Marketing goals.

Assessment Of SEM Techniques & Recommendations For Increasing Effectiveness

  • An overall strategy for Search Engine marketing includes key areas that can be analyzed and assessed for effectiveness. We can assess individual elements or all element to recommend changes to improve optimization and traffic generation.
  • We evauate and make recommendations for these techniques.

Coaching In Organic Optimization Techniques & tactics

  • Have you wished there was someone you could consult with about a new technique or tool you might want to use? Do you have questions about specific techniques, tactics, tools or services?
  • We offer coaching to Web site owners, search engine optimizers, staff managers and professional optimizers on search engine marketing strategies, techniques, tools and services.

Training In Optimization Strategies,   Search Engine & Social Media Tools For Marketing.

  • Do you or your staff need a more complete understanding of the practice of search engine marketing?
  • Contact us about training in search engine marketing and optimization at your company location or through email, instant messaging or phone consultation.

Optimization strategies and search engine tools for marketing

  • Organic optimization and linking development for select small to medium size Websites.

Contact me, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , for additional information on any of these services. Or learn more about Search Marketing Consultation.

  • I'll assist you in the essential information necessary for you or your staff to develop, finalize and implement a strategy website.
  • If you don't want to do the work yourself, I can recommend specialists who will work for a fee. I won't be included in that list, this is a volunteer project for me.